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Proposal: Renewable Energy Education Lesson Plan

Introduction: The Occidental Renewable Energy Education Fund (OREEF) is sponsoring the development of renewable energy curriculum by Malian science teachers for Malian students at each grade level. This program provides direct support for faculty as well as instructors for the development of renewable energy curriculum. Schools are encouraged to contact OREEF for support with curriculum development.

Goal: Each school is encouraged to develop a set of lesson plans to integrate renewable energy education into their curriculum.

1) These lessons should be integrated into the regular science curriculum as the instructor sees fit.
2) Some aspect of renewable energy should be introduced at each grade.
3) Lessons are expected to cover 1 – 2 days of instruction during the academic year.

Each school will submit 1) a set lesson plans to OREEF in a Microsoft Word documents and 2) documentation of incorporation into school curriculum (assignments, pictures, tests). The school will agree to allow OREEF to share and post the developed lesson plans with the greater West African educational community. Schools will be compensated $200 for school supplies and $100 for faculty compensation.

Contact Information:

Occidental Renewable Energy Education Fund (OREEF)
Adrian Hightower
Occidental College Physics Department
1600 Campus Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

TEL: 323-259-2826
FAX: 323-341-4858

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